Sunday, September 13, 2015

Recommended Peruvian Casual Restaurant in Oakland, CA - Cholita Linda

My son loves Cholita Linda Peruvian restaurant in Oakland, CA.  Though both times we've gone there we've done take out, there is a rustic charm about the place that makes me want to eat in next time and stay awhile.  Looking around the place, there is something homey and charming about the place so I did some research on their website to find out the background of the restaurant, I recommend readers doing the same!

Cholita Linda Restaurant is named after the owners Peruvian born mother, who was called Cholita.  The term is commonly used as a term of endearment in Peru.  Cholita means girl of native or mixed heritage and Linda means pretty or sweet.  Food in his family was courtesy of his beautiful mother or feisty grandmother.  The owner was the youngest of four and spent much time with his grandmother going to farmers markets for ingredients for dinner, then sharing a cup of tea and cooking.

"A good meal seems to bridge gaps, to warm hearts and somehow to connect people."
(courtesy of Cholita Linda website).


Cholita Linda
4923 Telegraph avenue
11AM- 10PM

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