Friday, February 28, 2014

Paramont Theater in Oakland - Classic Movies!

The Paramount Theater in Oakland is a recently-restored architectural masterpiece of the art deco style.  They are now showing classic movies on occasional Friday evenings!  Tonight - Roman Holiday.  On March 14th - Mary Poppins.   Here's the event calendar.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recommended Cookbook: The 30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking by Hayley Mason and Bill Staley

I picked up the book, The 30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking at Whole Foods months ago.  Yesterday, since almost everyone in our family has been sick, I decided the make the chicken soup recipe featured in the book.  My son and I made it together, and we went and shopped for fresh ingredients, prepared the ingredients, and then put everything in the crock pot and let it cook for several hours while we did our adventures and school.  I will do another post later with the recipe that I modified from the cookbook.  I recommend this cookbook as it has amazing sauces and yummy recipes!  It is one of my favorite cookbooks right now!


The 30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking
by Hayley Mason and Bill Staley
bestselling authors of Make It Paleo  and Gather

Victory Belt Publishing Inc.
Las Vegas

ISBN 978-1-936608-49-2

For more recipe inspiration, visit

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Steam Train and Sky View Trail at Tilden Park

Yesterday we had a great time at the Steam Train at Tilden Park.  A 5-ride ticket on the steam train is $12 (single-ride tickets are $3).  Each ride is about 15 minutes long.  The tracks wind through the redwoods in the park, and you can catch glimpses of the Bay in the distance.

Pictures of the nearby Golden Gate Miniature Railroad.  A club maintains the railroad, which is open to the public on Sundays (we went on a Monday holiday and so the GGMRy was closed).

Pictures in the roundhouse:

We then walked up part of the Sea View Trail, which is a fire-trail that you can find right by the upper parking lot for the train area.  Here are some of the views from the trail.  First, facing West:

The trail passes by several telecom towers:

The view facing East:

Mt. Diablo in the distance:

Looking down on Lafayette Reservoir: