Friday, September 18, 2015

Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, CA- great place to enjoy last official days of summer.

My son and I went to the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco a few weeks ago when my nephew was in town.  The coming of the fall season always makes me feel a little nostalgic, and it felt good to walk around the gardens with my son.  Also, in my mind I got to go down memory lane myself as I first went to the Japanese Tea Garden years ago when I was a child with my family when we visited my aunt.  I remember loving sitting and having the tea and cookies, and walking around the beautiful gardens.  My uncle passed away in January, and I remember taking him there when he last visited the area.

Love this place!

The tea area used to have a sit down service and now you have to order at the counter, but the sitting area is the same, and most importantly the gardens are the same.  This is a wonderful place to contemplate wishes and goals for the coming fall season.

Does anyone else have special memories of going to Japanese Tea Gardens with family?

Japanese Tea Garden
(415) 752-4227
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA

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