Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hardware Stores for Old Bungalow Owners

Before owning an old bungalow, I rarely set foot into a hardware store.  I used to work at one years ago, but since buying our house I had no reason to go again.  

We prefer the cozy Ace Hardware on Grand Avenue (#1221) in Oakland.  The only downside is the cramped parking lot.  This is where we bought our awesome BBQ.    

There's also a good (but somewhat claustrophobic) hardware store on Telegraph between Alcatraz and Woolsey (Telegraph Hardware, 6640 Telegraph Ave.).  Just bought some lightbulbs there yesterday.  

And, when we must, we'll head over to the Home Depot in Emeryville.  Oddly enough, for a period of at least a few years after we bought our house, Home Depot was the only place we could find old fuses for our old fuse box.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crummy Contractors Continues

Contractor is asked to remove a sub-panel in the basement.  He is also asked to make sure that electricity in the kitchen is satisfactory, or must be upgraded in order to allow a remodel.  

Contractor removes sub-panel.  Contractor caps the wires where the sub-panel used to be, but does not cover the panel (electrical hazard and code violation).  Contractor says that the kitchen will be fine.  But, homeowner learns later that, in fact, the system doesn't have near enough capacity to survive a remodel.  Everything has to be re-done.