Sunday, January 19, 2014

I love Trader Joe's bags! They are strong, colorful, and even eco-friendly!

I love the Trader Joe's bags, they are really strong too!  I keep a few in my car so that when I do my shopping I can grab one on the way in, and not have to use plastic or paper bags at the store.  Since we live in the San Francisco Bay area of California, our trader joes bags currently have a California scene on them.  One can even by different state bags on ebay!   Each time I carry in my own bag to a store, I feel great since I am doing one small thing to be eco-conscious.  I can't stand  using plastic bags, they are bad for the environment!   It haunts me to think of the plastic bag I got from buying one small thing ending up in the ocean.  Paper bags aren't that strong, so many times at least one handle falls off, so those aren't great either!  The Trader Joe's bags are smart, stylish, have great designs, and help me to one small thing to help the environment!


Trader Joe's Bags
These can be purchased from Trader Joe's around the country

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