Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Open dining area to kitchen?

We are doing a kitchen remodel in the next several months as soon and I am trying to figure out whether I should somehow connect the dining room and kitchen.  I would love to be able to pass food and beverages through to the dining room from the kitchen.  Plus, when I was at Frank Lloyd Wright's home in Oak Park, Illinois, I saw that Frank Lloyd had built one of those in his own home.

Yet, if we did add this, a contractor we interviewed had said it may be difficult matching up the newer elements of the kitchen to the all original elements of our dining room.

Today, I talked to Rambo Halpern, a realtor and resource recommended to me by a friend in Portland, Oregon.  He has an informative and well thought out blog, called thebungalowguy.com.  When I called him to ask his advice and to find out more about the bungalow market in Portland, Oregon, he told me that many of his clients are looking for an original bungalow, with as little untouched as possible.

Our conversation reminded me of when we started looking for bungalows in Rockridge, and so many people had painted the wainscoting white and taken out the original china cabinets or fireplace tiles.  At that point, after talking to the "Bungalow Guy," I started rethinking my idea of putting a hole through the wall from the dining room to the kitchen.  Thanks Bungalow Guy!


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