Monday, September 9, 2013

Oakland Art Murmur- 1st Friday evening of the month

I've gone to the Oakland Art Murmur in Oakland, CA at least five times, I honestly love it!  As I walked down some of the streets around Broadway and Telegraph and in between, I felt a great sense of pride that I live in Oakland.  Plus, there is an undeniable energy and excitement that feels great!  I've never seen any violence or crime while I've been at the Art Murmur, but I'd recommend dressing casually, without designer clothes.  Also, don't walk down the streets on iPhones or sit outside a cafe on a computer- but I recommend that in any big city!  For a great cafe that you can sit inside and have coffee and work on your computer, see my next blog today!

I recommend coming early to Art Murmur, as it starts as early as 5 PM.  This way, if you drive, you can park before the crowds arrive.  Though, you can also take bart.  You can also park at Jack London Square, and then take the free Oakland shuttle uptown that runs until 1 a.m.   This way, after you arrive in Uptown, you can work your way towards downtown and Jack London Square, back to your car.  By the time things can busy, you'll be back in a less crazy area.  If Telegraph Avenue feels too packed, then try accessing the fun from Broadway.

If you feel uncomfortable walking around the streets of Oakland at night, then consider the Saturday stroll.  This actually happens every Saturday, NOT just once a month, from 1 PM to 5 PM, with almost all the OAM galleries participating.


Oakland Art Murmur
(First Friday  night of the month)

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