Monday, September 30, 2013

Blogs - Mimi's Way - 10 steps to a perfect dinner party

Mimi says, "Really spoil guests with good wine."

Mimi Thorisson has a gorgeous website, called Manger.  She lives in a rambling farmhouse in France, has a wonderful family, a husband who is an amazing photographer whose photos you can see on her blog, and seems to have an amazing life of visiting winemakers, food artisans, antiquiting, and entertaining friends and family.  She has 6 children and 14 adorable dogs!  Here is her seven steps to a perfect dinner party:

1.)  Prepare ahead!

2.)  Begin the evening with a game on the lawn.  It helps people work up an appetite and gives them something to laugh about over dinner.

3.)  Choose an easy aperitif spread, like charcuterie.

4.)  Give people tasks they can handle:  opening wine lighting candles, etc.

5.)  Serve the best possible wine.  It really makes the meal unforgettable- even if you can't quite remember it...

6.)  And the best possible bread.  I'd drive 30 minutes to find the best baguette.

7.)  To put the meal over the top, finish with mignardises, or little candies or cookies.  I serve homemade caramels and marshmallows in antique apothecary jars.


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