Saturday, September 14, 2013

fire pit out on the deck

Tonight we had a fire out on the deck, we could see the moon from above the roof!  We have lights in our tree in the backyard, lights that I purchased before we even had electricity in our backyard.  I remember imagining how pretty they'd be in the tree, where they are now hanging.  Though they actually had laid on a shelf for years before we finally got electricity in the backyard and I could put them up.    As we sat back there, we came to the conclusion that our backyard has had the biggest transformation from when we moved in.  When we moved in there was no electricity outside, there wasn't an outdoor light by the back door, there weren't little lights on the trees and deck, and we didn't have any outdoor furniture in the beginning when we first lived in our old bungalow.  Now, it is truly an outdoor room!  Tonight, we moved up our firepit onto our deck, which we'd never done before.  I use Java logs from whole foods as it doesn't cause the same allergic reaction as other fire logs do.    My son wanted to roast marshmallows, but I hadn't gotten marshmallows from the store, as I hadn't known we were going to have a fire.   I like the kebab skewers from home depot, they work well with marshmallows.  Also, the Whole Foods marshmallows are heavenly, they are made with no corn syrup.


Large Firepit and Grill,  from Orchard Supply,  Concord, CA  Item # 4443230   $129.99

Kebab Skewars (we use them for marshmallows and for roasting hotdogs) - 4 pack, from Orchard Supply,   Concord, CA  Item #  060197104158

Orchard Supply and Hardware
2050 Monument Blvd.
Concord, CA  94520  (925) 685-3000

Whole Foods very vanilla bean marshmallows, no corn syrup or artificial colors, made by hand, yum!

Javalog,  made with recycled coffee grounds , burns 3 hours (as I write this, the log is still burning outside, in fact I think I'll go outside and sit by myself for a little while with my dog, after I finish this post!)

A fire outdoors can be magical to both children and adults!


Bungalow Mama


  1. Ms. W -
    I think I might have met you in the dining car on the Amtrak train to LA August 16th. I'd really like to talk with you off-line. I was coming back from an interview in Oakland.
    ~ Kathleen

    1. Yes, that was me! Send me an e-mail at teaching How did the interview go?