Sunday, July 14, 2013

The New Bungalow, essays by Matthew Bialecki, Christian Gladu, Jill Kessenich, Jim McCord, Su Bacon

"New bungalows can be made, new objects created; but if they are to be as valued and treasured as the originals we admire, they need to do more than copy the look:  they need to interpret the original spirit and objectives for our time and place.

Matthew Bialecki, AIA

Could anyone have predicted in the early 1920's, when the original Arts & Crafts movement died out, that it would enjoy a revival that would start some fifty years later and last longer than the original movement?  Arts and Crafts has evolved into a national style phenomena.  It is now possible to live  in Arts & Crafts-themed developments, work in Arts & Crafts - inspired office parks, eats in Arts & Crafts- styled restaurants and, of course, buy most any Arts & Crafts-style furniture at your local mall, big-box retailer, or web site.  What happened to our obscure, little, cognoscente-only art movement that turned it into a multimedia merchandising juggernaut?

With the revival now well into its fourth decade, it is time to pause and critically ask what is fueling this great interest in a minor hundred-year-old art movement.  Where is the bungalow revival going, and, more importantly, will it support a new architecture and a new way of living?

Excerpts from:

The New Bungalow
Essays by Matthew Bialecki, Christian Gladu, Jill Kessenich, Jim McCord, Su Bacon
Gibbs Smith, Publisher
P.O. Box 667
Layton, Utah  84041
ISBN  10:  1-58685-042-3

The New Bungalow is a visual and intellectual feast for bungalow lovers like me!  I purchased this book a while back, but looked at it with new eyes the other day!  The photographs are inspiring for anyone thinking of building a new bungalow, or those of us who are working on remodeling the one we already have.

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