Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My dog's new favorite toy- Dumbell with rope ball

One essential new part of our bungalow is our dog.  He has a way of helping me live in the present and enjoy the little things, a new toy, a bone, breakfast in the morning, etc.  I got him a new toy the other day, and he loved it so much it made my day.  He is 2 years old and just loves to chew and pull.  I finally found a pull toy that is comfortable for me to pull.

I believe dogs and old bungalows go together perfectly!  They don't talk about the next project that needs to be done.  The sit quietly and let you watch whatever you want to on television or the computer.  They are the perfect company, are always happy to eat, take a walk, cuddle, etc.

I love my dog!


Wooley Cotton Dumbell with Rope Ball
Eco Friendly
Rescue Tested
100% natural
Sustainable Materials
Wool & Cotton Rope
Coconut Fiber Filling
100% environmentally friendly

Decatur, GA  30030

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