Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pizzaiolo is great place for coffee in morning in Temescal!

I'm sitting at Pizzaiolo Restourant  in the Temescal area of Oakland, CA having a homemade donut and a cup and a latte.  What a treat!  The place opens for a light breakfast at 8:00AM, but I got here at 7:45AM and they let me get seated and comfortable, which was kind.  Some places make you wait at the door until the second it opens.  I love Pizzaiolo, at night they are busting with outstanding pizza and it was a fun discovery to learn they are open in the morning too.

I am a donut snob since I grew up in MIchigan going to the cider mills and having fresh, just cooked, warm donuts with cold apple cider.  The donut I am having today is the best one I've ever tasted.

I love the atmosphere here, it immediately takes me away as if I'm on vacation.  There are rustic wood tables, chair, and floor.  The wall near me has a combination of brick, wainscoting, and other materials of different textures.  There is a wood bar with bungalow worthy lighting and wainscoting under the bar.  There is Italian music playing in the background, and I am looking out on Telegraph Avenue through large windows.  It is heavenly here!


Pizzaiolo Restaurant
5008 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, California  94609
(510) 652-4888

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