Monday, April 29, 2013

Timeless Coffee, Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA

This past Saturday morning I finally had a chance to go to Timeless Coffee Roasters and Cafe on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, CA.  I've driven by the cafe a few times and have wanted to go inside, have a cup of coffee and stay awhile.  They did a wonderful job of creating a warm, inviting exterior and interior space, the inside smells of coffee and chocolate and they do their own baking.  They do not have internet service and all the plugs are closed so it is not the best place to hang out on your own and work on the computer.  This place is the kind of place to write in an old fashioned journal, write a long hand letter, or meet friends or loved ones.  The only gluten free selections they had were the chocolates so I just had coffee but it was delicious.  I recommend this place for the ambiance, and it is a great place to meet a friend.


Timeless Coffee Roasters
coffee bar/ roastery/ bakery/ chocolates
4252 Piedmont Avenue
Oakland, CA  94611

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