Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I used my new steamer basket tonight to steam artichokes, yum!

I had gotten a stainless steel collapsible steamer basket from Sur La Table awhile ago in my quest to start eating healthier and enjoy the bounty that the farmers markets in the area supplies.   I finally opened the box and used it tonight to make steamed artichokes that I had gotten from the Saturday Farmer's market in Alameda.  I also made a dip with mayonnaise and fresh dill.

I need to experiment on how long to cook the artichokes, as it seemed that the 30 minutes the directions gave just wasn't enough.

When I was cooking tonight I noticed I do not have one large pan with a lid on it!  I need to update my cooking supplies!  I enjoy going to cooking stores, such as Sur La Table, as just looking around.


Sur La Table
The Art & Soul of Cooking
Collapsible Steamer basket
9" diameter
adjustable for use in various pots
18/0 stainless steel construction

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