Saturday, April 13, 2013

Melissa and Doug wood toys - my son loves the wooden train and platform set.

I love the Melissa and Doug wood train and platform set.  My son also has some of their toy food sets for budding pretend chefs.  I much prefer the wood toys to the plastic versions, and they seem to fit better in our  bungalow lifestyle.

This toy includes nine high-quality wooden pieces- engine/dining car with reversible tabletop, passenger car, station platform, and five people.  The two sides tabletop in the train features a checkers game on one side, and dinner for two on the other.

My son loves it when he pretends to be the conductor leading a train tour.  We discuss what sort of terrain the train will pass through, and he announces when it is time for dinner.  Then, while we actually have dinner we pretend we are on the train.  Then, we pretend we are going to the observation car.

I love Melissa and Doug toys as they encourage imagination and creative play!

Melissa & Doug
P.O. Box 590, Westport, CT  06881

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