Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gorgeous Rocker from Valley Furniture in Livermore

Yesterday, I was visiting Livermore and my son and I found a locally owned furniture store called Valley Furniture.  The owner is Bill Jeffers and he was super friendly and helpful and has owned the place for years.  There was a wood rocker in the front of the shop that I wish I would have found when I was pregnant!  It is from the 2012 edition of Sunny designs and the one I liked was the Sedona Rocker with T-Fabric Seat and Back (1935R0-2.)  I also liked the Santa Fe Rocker with Cushion Seat and Back (1935DC.)  The store is also super child friendly and they have a nice collection of bunk beds which my son wants someday!  I love supporting independently owned businesses!


Valley Furniture
Bill Jeffers, Owner
2193 First Street
Livermore, CA  94550

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Outdoor Bungalow Lighting, Part II

We purchased our outdoor lighting for the front at Omega Lighting Design on San Pablo Avenue.  I absolutely love this light!

Bungalow Mama


Omega Lighting Design
2204 San Pablo Ave.
Berkeley, CA  94708

Lodge Cast Iron Panini Press

Years ago I started reading about how using cast iron pans is better for your health than the non-stick pan variety.  I went to a local cooking store and picked up my first Lodge Logic cast iron pan.  I started out with a large 12-inch one, then a year later I got a smaller pan.

Here's a link to the 12-inch pre-seasoned skillet:

Next, I picked up a cast iron corn muffin pan (this pan I would not recommend as it is extremely difficult to get the cornbread out of the pan after it is cooked.)  This week I picked up a ribbed panini press and am really excited to use it to make special grilled cheese sandwiches for my son.

Here's a link to the panini press on

Monday, August 6, 2012

Soap Of The Lodge at Bonny Doon Farm

I was at my favorite grocery store in San Francisco yesterday and I picked up some tantalizing smelling natural soap from Bonny Doon Farm.  My friend, Dulce, had given me some lavender soap a few years ago and liked it so much as it smelled like fresh lavender fields, that I wanted to try it again.  I love the picture on the front, as it is the kind of bungalow I'd love to live in!  The Bonny Doon soap is produced at the farm in batches of 20 at a time and scented with pure oils!  The Soap of  the Lodge of Bonny Doon Farm is scented with pure oil of spruce, and smells like a pure magical summer!  I never knew how much I loved the smell of spruce before smelling this soap!


Bonny Doon Farm
600 Martin Road
Santa Cruz, CA  95060
(831) 459-0967

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oaktown Spice Shop, Oakland, CA

The other day when was walking on Grand Avenue in Oakland, across from Lake Merritt I discovered the Oaktown Spice Shop.  The place smells absolutely yummy right as you walk in, with the shelves lined with old fashioned jars filled with spices.  The place is small, independently owned by John and Erica, and is such a welcome addition to Oakland.

If you get hungry after since the smells are so delicious, why not venture over to one of their neighbor restaurants, Sidebar, where the bartender actually uses cinnamon from the Oakland spice shop for one of their cocktails.  When I wondered in to the Oaktown spice shop, I had a great conversation with the owner John and I was impressed with how much he knows about spices!  Across the street is Lake Merritt which is a nice place to take a stroll after visiting spice shop and then eating at Sidebar.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Arts and Crafts Embroidery Workshop

Join Ann chaves and Dianne Ayres for an Arts and Crafts Embroidery Workshop on August 4, 2012 at Arts and Crafts Period Textiles in Oakland, CA.  Pre-registration is required, contact Ann Chaves at or e-mail her at

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Caffe 817, Old Oakland

I went to Caffe 817 this morning with my son and fell in love with this place all over again!  I haven't been here for at least a few years so was delighted to get a mocha in an oversized mug and some poached eggs with toast.  This place fits in so well in the Old Oakland district, with a large wood bar, outside seating, and cozy inside seating.