Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sideboard Cafe, Danville, CA- dog and child friendly!- Update, January 2014, they are moving!

My son and I love going to the Sideboard Cafe when we are in Danville.  The Sideboard was founded on St. Patrick's Day in 2008 around the time my son was born.  I remember first going there with him as a really little guy with some of the moms I met at a baby sign language class at the Danville Library. They have a commitment to natural, organic, and sustainable produce whenever possible.  Sometimes we bring our dog and sit on the patio, which is dog friendly.  There is such an adorable selection of pooches on the patios with their owners!  They have a bright red wagon filled with comfy blankets for cold days or nights.  My son loves wrapping himself in a cozy blanket.

I like the fried brussel sprouts with dip, unbelievably yummy!  My son loves the cheeseburger.  They also have a homemade rub for pork and beef that they sell at the shop, made with Blue Bottle espresso. I sent a few bottles to family members out of state and they loved the gift!

Today, my son and I are going to check out the Museum of the San Ramon Valley on Railroad Avenue, which is walking distance from the restaurant.  Currently, they have an exhibit on Native Americans.  Also, there is a real train caboose that houses public bathrooms, but also has an exhibit.  My son loves playing around the real train!  We discovered together from this exhibit that the very train tracks on exhibit used to go all the way from Danville, CA to San Francisco, CA.  My son wishes that train still exists!  The train museum hours are limited, so check the website before visiting.


Sideboard Restaurant
411 Hartz
Danville, CA
(925) 984-2713

Update, January 2014
Sideboard is moving to Railroad Avenue in early 2014, so check the website for the exact opening of the new location!  I can't wait, though I loved the old location with the fun patio, with heaters, blankets, and dog and child friendly environment!

Museum of the San Ramon Valley
(925) 837-3750
205 Railroad Rd.
Danville, CA

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