Thursday, October 10, 2013

Autobahn Cafe, Oakland, CA- Victorian exterior!

I'm sitting at the Autobahn Cafe in Oakland, CA.  What a cozy find parallel to 880 near Jack London Square!  I was impressed how easy it was to park on the street outside the cafe, and the beautiful Victorian exterior with old style lamps, that may just be original.  The inside has high ceilings, fans, and comfortable wood tables and chairs.  I'm sitting at a window seat looking out a bay window (i'm looking at the 880 freeway, but with the song, "As Time Goes By" and other classic instrumentals, I feel like I can dream I'm anywhere I want to be!

I highly recommend this place.  For coffee or chais, they have soy milk and milk (no charge for soy milk.)  I am actually temporarily giving up both soy and milk, and I brought my own small coconut milk container and they graciously made me a delicious chai latte with it.  The people who work here are really calm and kind!  I highly recommend this place, it is my first time, but I will definitely be back.  There is a sign outside showing lunch items, and the organic quinoa salad sounds delicious!


Autobahn Cafe
571 5th Street
Oakland, CA  94607

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