Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cob structures by Cruzin Cob

A few months ago my friend invited me to an pizza oven workshop, put on by Claudine Desiree from Santa Cruz, CA.  Many friends came together for a whole weekend building the pizza oven.  I didn't go to the workshop, but saw the result, it was gorgeous!

Claudine will build your studio, doghouse, beautiful bench, oven (my friend did a pizza oven), garden walls, or sauna.

Claudine is also available for consultations to help locate and design the structure, organize the materials list, and get you started!  She charges $35 per hour.

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Cruzin' Cob
Santa Cruz, CA
Claudine Desiree
(831) 428-5204
(831) 419-8017

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