Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The locals sometimes call Ann Arbor A squared.  The first member of my family to go to University of Michigan was my Aunt, when she went to medical school there.  Then,  two of my brothers went to University of Michigan, which is why I first visited it.  My oldest brother was twelve years older than me, so when he went to undergraduate college in Ann Arbor, I was only eight years old.  We used to visit him often as we only lived an hour away.  My mom would make freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with walnuts my father cracked himself, and  my brother would open the door when we arrived, take a cookie from the decorated tin and smile like a 5 year old.  He had longish, blonde, curly hair and a huge smile!  I loved going to Ann Arbor all those years ago, and I still love it now.  It is one of the places in Michigan, I could see myself happy living there.  When I visited Eugene, Oregon for the first time this summer, it reminded me of Ann Arbor years ago.  Ann Arbor has grown over the years, yet I still love it, it is just a bigger town now.

I had another brother who got his MBA at University of Michigan.  He was a member of a fraternity, so I went to my first fraternity party when I was around 12, and I was in heaven when my brother had his fraternity brother dance with me!  I loved Ann Arbor and the University!

One of the things I love about Ann Arbor is that they have great ethnic restaurants!  Ann Arbor is somewhat different and secluded from other Michigan towns, yet there is so much in Ann Arbor, you don't really need to leave!  Of course, Ann Arbor also has a world class university, which is how many people hear about the town.  There are plenty of bike lanes and superb trails, such as the 35-mile border2border.  It is great since you can bike a really long way without having to turn around, and without seeing cars.  There are plenty of places to escape on the weekend if you like the outdoors, such as 17 miles of single track at the Potowatomi Trail in nearby Pinckney State Recreation Area.  Also, there is  the 976,043 acres at the Huron-Manistee National Forest, which is only a couple of hours up interstate 75.  As my brothers and my aunt would say, "Go Blue!"

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