Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Who repairs leaded glass in Berkeley, CA?

When we bought our house, two of our leaded glass doors on our china cabinets in the living room were broken.  I found out from my realtor about The Stained Glass Garden in Berkeley, CA.  I took off the leaded glass doors, put them in my car and dropped them off at the shop.  They did a beautiful job of fixing and restoring the doors.  I would highly recommend them.

I also found directions for fixing the doors, but I know that is a very difficult process.


The Stained Glass Garden
1800 Fourth Street
Berkeley, CA  94710
(510) 841-2200

For those that would like to fix the leaded glass on their own, see this website

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  1. My hubby and I ended up building new leaded glass panels to replace the broken ones in our house. It was actually pretty fun. I'd love to see pictures of your panels.