Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Old Sled Collection! Leland High Sierra Snowplay

A few days ago we went to the Leland High Sierra Snowplay area in Strawberry, CA.  Though we came here on December 31st, the place is open from the first snow fall until about mid-April.  This place is family owned and operated, and the lodge is cozy with a fireplace and snacks available.  There is a large collection of antique sleds on the ceiling.  It was fun looking at all of them, and actually remembering some of the wood ones from my childhood.  We used to have a really long sled when I was a child and I'll never forget the thrill of riding down the hill with my brothers!

There is a kiddie hill for children with sleds and innertubes, snowmobile rides for children starting at age 5, and another bigger hill to ride a tow rope up to that is so big that when I went down on an innertube, I had to close my eyes half way down as I was so scared!

Also, for those that just want to hang out and watch,  there is a cozy fireplace, snacks and a deck viewing area.  My friend watched us and had a great area to take photos!


Leland High Sierra Snowplay Inc.
34033  Leland Meadow Rd.
P O Box 152
Strawberry, CA  95375
Phone  (209) 965-4719
FAX (209) 965-3120

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