Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Dog or A Cat Makes A Bungalow Home! ARF

The other day, my son and I visited ARF in Walnut Creek, CA.  We are looking into getting a dog to join our home.  We already have a cat who actually adopted us.  Actually, I have almost always had a cat and most of them have found and adopted me, and usually they are tabby cats.

I love ARF for so many reasons, but a main one is that they find their animals at shelters and look for pets that are ready to be euthanized, and then bring them to ARF.  Once they are at ARF, there is a guarantee they will live a naturally long life, therefore when I go to ARF and I do not select a dog I know that they will soon find someone else more suited to them.  My son and I have looked at dogs twice at ARF and haven't found the one yet, but I am hopeful we will find our perfect dog soon.

The following is an example from the ARF annual report of what fabulous things they are doing:

1,974 dogs and cats adopted from ARF  (These are dogs who are from public shelters where they have run out of time.

3,357 spay and neuter surgeries (providing community low-cost services and $25 spay/neuter for Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas)


Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation
2890 Mitchell Drive
Walnut Creek, CA  94598
(925) 296-3152

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