Thursday, January 24, 2013

Feather River Inn, Renovation, Graegle, CA

I've been following the renovation of the Feather River Inn, in Graegle, CA for the past few years.  The inn is tucked away in the California Sierras, and it is referred as the Shangri La of the Sierras.  Currently, the inn is undergoing an extensive renovation project to return it back to its original grandeur. Through the website,, I can chronicle the inn's historic renovation through photos, news articles, feature stories, photo essays, and interactive presentations. I am especially interested in reading about how they are renovating the historic veranda that people would sit on with provided blankets and rocking chairs and look at the stars!  I am looking forward to visiting this inn and sitting on the newly restored veranda that will open the entire length of the lodge as it did almost 100 years ago.  Imagine soon sitting on the rocking chair seeing the stars  twinkle or a beautiful sunset.  I am looking forward to this inn opening again.


The Feather River Inn
65899 California 70
Blairsden, CA  96103
(530) 836-1253
Established 1914

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