Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bungalow Momma Wants to Visit Historic Hotels...

I've spent weeks getting ready for the holidays, yet I'm still working to create that perfect setting.  Our fireplace has a crack in it so we need to fix it before we put real wood in it.  My son has a cough this morning so I don't want to put a coffee log in the fireplace in it.  Santa came last night and brought my son presents so he's busily playing.

While I drink my coffee I dream now of going and staying at a historic hotel!  I like the website www.historichotels.org (NOT .com), because they have some fun choices such as the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs (which I visited a few years ago) and the El Tovar at the Grand Canyon.  It also lists the Queen Mary, where I've never stayed but have visited -- including for a friend's wedding reception.  It was a gorgeous setting for a wedding!

Since my son has a cough (he may be allergic to the real, pine Christmas tree that we got yesterday) we are home for at least a few days, but I'm dreaming of sitting in front of a huge, stone, historic fireplace with a hot drink and a good book in my hand.

I grew up in the midwest so when I think of the holidays I can't help but want to see snow drifting outside the window.  When I looked at the historic hotel website this morning I dreamed of staying at the Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri near Branson, Missouri.  A few of the lodging choices there include a knotty pine cottage and a log cabin.



Big Cedar Lodge Hotel
Ridgedale, Missouri

Here's a picture from the Big Cedar Lodge website:

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