Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Son and Husband Are Allergic to Our Live Christmas Tree

This year we didn't get our Christmas tree until Christmas eve day, so it was really obvious -- right when my husband brought our tree into the house and started setting it up my son started sneezing.  The sneezing and coughing became progressively worse throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.

So on Christmas night we decided to take the tree outside.  My husband took on this task while I went out for a drive with my son.  As he moved the tree, needles went everywhere (a big downside to a live tree, as we discussed last year, but one we thought we could live with).  He started vacuuming and cleaning up.  And then he started wheezing badly.  He has allergies, and so typically has an inhaler around, but that night he had given it to me just in case my son needed it while we were out.  When I returned home, my husband came out wheezing in the rain asking for the inhaler.  I thought I was going to have to take him to the hospital!  It looked like he was in pretty bad shape for a few hours afterward.

My son is still wheezing and coughing, but is slowly improving.  I spent much of the morning cleaning up all the pine needles everywhere that my husband missed with our vacuum (we've also decided to go out and get a new vacuum this week).

Next year we'll be getting a fake tree, which saddens us a bit as we love the smell of real trees.  While we may love the smell, my son and husband apparently can't live with it.

My brother has an artificial tree that turns around slowly, and there are many more selections out there, but we'll wait until next year to start shopping for one.

Here's a picture of our short-lived live Christmas tree:

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