Friday, November 25, 2016

Favorite Holiday treats, foods and restaurants around Oakland, CA

Favorite Pies:

 Pumpkin Pie from Market Hall Bakery (My friend tried it and she said she'll never put all the work into making a pumpkin pie again after trying Market Hall Bakery pumpkin pie.)

Favorite rolls:

Challah dinner rolls from Market Hall bakery

Favorite Broth for soups:

Marin Sun Farms at Market Hall plaza

Favorite Spices:

The spice shop on Grand Ave. near Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA

Favorite Cheeses:

Market Hall Cheese Shop, Mt. Tam

Favorite Coffee Shop:

Cole Coffee, College Ave., Mexican
Fair Trade  Organic is my favorite!
est. 2005
307 63rd Street, Oakland, CA

Favorite Cookies:

Sweet Bar Bakery, Broadway Avenue
(chocolate chip, gluten free oatmeal and sour cherry)

Favorite burger:

Roam Burger in Fiesta Plaza in Lafayette, CA
(they have grass fed beef, buffalo, veggie, etc.)

Favorite Sourdough Bread
(great as a soup bowl, Boudin Sourdough bakery at Fisherman's wharf, San Francisco, CA)

Favorite Fruits and Veggies:
Farmers markets in Bay area

Favorite Banana Bread with chocolate Chips
(great gift)
Market Hall Bakery

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