Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Broadmoor Hotel, From 1871 to present, in Colorado Springs, Colorado

I love the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado was built in 1871.   I went there in 2008 when my son was only a few months old, and it was his first time flying.   My husband had business there, so my son and I came along. I scooted my son around the beautiful five star property in his stroller, it was delightful!  I especially loved the Golden Bee Pub. It came to Broadmoor in 1901 as a collection of panels and fixtures from a 19th century English Pub.  In the pub, there is a ragtime piano player that entertains guests with rousing sing alongs.  The ale is even served in yards, interesting since Colorado Springs was once nicknamed "Little London."


The Broadmoor Hotel
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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