Sunday, July 6, 2014

Indian Village neighborhood of Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan used to be a grand city and the homes in areas such as Indian Village show this beauty.  If I was living in Detroit still, I'd love to visit some open houses in the neighborhood to see the gorgeous architecture of some of the homes, some of which are still available for $300,000.  I believe that the area still has soul and grace!  The area of Indian Village is over 100 years old so many the homes need TLC, but I think they are worth the work!

The Indian Village Home and Garden Tour, back in June, is a great way to visit the area and see the community.
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There is a historic indian village Association to also find out more.

I've always loved the area, though I live in California now, I have fond memories of visiting Detroit as a child.  I predict that home sales in Detroit's Indian Village area of Detroit, MI and the other historic mansion areas of the city will continue to gain popularity!  Back in April an article was written in the Detroit Free Press about these areas.

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