Friday, November 29, 2013

Return to the Little Ice Rink in Alameda, CA

One of our traditions this time of year is going ice skating at the Little Ice Rink in Alameda, CA at South Shore Center.  This place is the most family friendly ice arena that I've found in the bay area, especially since they have these orange skating aides called, Bobby the Seal, that the children can hang onto while they skate.  It is a great way for little ones to both learn to skate and develop their skill and confidence.  We went there for the first time this season on Tuesday night.  My son actually skated from 8:00PM to 9:30PM.  Usually his bedtime is 8:00PM but he was having so much fun, and it is also Thanksgiving vacation, so why not!

We also had dinner at Panera Bread, which is also in the South Shore Center.  My son likes the kids macaroni and cheese, which comes with an organic yogurt.  He also likes the black cherry smoothie, which they make with organic Stoneyfield farms yogurt.  We almost went again last night but we were both too tired.


The Little Ice Rink
at South Shore Center
Alameda, CA
November 8th-January 20th
(510) 629-1-ICE (1423)

Adults $15.00 Including skates, $10.00 if you bring your own skates

Children (up to 8 years old)  $10.00, including skates, $6.00 if you bring your own skates

Bobby the Seal- $5.00 (skating aide)

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