Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crepevine in Oakland, CA is open until 2:00PM on Thanksgiving!

I took my son and dog to Crepevine today for breakfast.  I had my favorite crepe, which is the savory greek omelette with spinach, kalamata olives, roasted almonds, onions with feta cheese, and cucumber yogurt sauce.  My son had one pancake, one scrambled egg, and chicken apple sausage (which doggy shared)!   We had a great breakfast sitting outside, it was sunny so one of the employees pulled down the outside shade.  There are several choices for sitting here, inside, on the patio, or right outside the restaurant for a great dog-friendly choice.


5600 College Avenue
(between Keith and Ocean View Drive in the Rockridge District)
Oakland, CA  94618
(510) 658-2026
(open until 2:00PM today for breakfast or lunch, check website for regular, longer hours)

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