Monday, January 21, 2019

Bear Valley Lodge in Bear Valley, CA

The Bear Valley Lodge in Bear Valley, CA sometimes loses electricity, it happened while my son and I were there. Yet, like in any old lodge or home the prepare by giving you a lantern. It really came in handy when the power went out! The also give plenty of extra blankets! The main lodge area has a huge rock fireplace and the reception desk has plenty of old fashioned games to Borrow. There is a pizza parlour in the lodge, it isn’t open every day, so plan ahead. There is also a pub with beer and other drinks plus pub food such as chicken pot pie, fries, etc. Thrre is a third restaurant with yummy crab cakes, steaks, etc. There is a shuttle to skiing though you may have to wait an hour for a shuttle to the skii resort. There is a sense of old fashioned charm to the Bear Valley Lodge. There are no fancy breakfasts buffets in the morning but there is free coffee at the general store. I would recommend trying out the lodge, bring your own snacks and beverage of choice!

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