Saturday, October 15, 2016

Creative Children's gift idea in Rockridge, Maison D' Etre - Gorgeous colored pencil and artist sketch book

I got a gorgeous gift for a child at Maison D'Etre in the Rockridge area of Oakland a few days ago.   They have lots of super sweet books, art supplies, etc.  I chose a simple set of colored pencils with robots on the cover. They were such great colored pencils that I got some for my own family, too!  I also got a pad of artist paper in a sketch book with a beautiful animal design on the cover.

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Maison D' Etre
College Avenue (near Rockridge Bart)
Oakland, CA

Colored Pencils
By Eeboo
(robot design on cover)
$19.50 (expensive but really well made and gorgeous)
ISBN: 978-1-59461-423-1

Sketch Book
eeBoo Corporation

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