Friday, June 10, 2016

Pucquio - Peruvian Cuisine on College Avenue

We just had a fantastic dinner at Pucquio on College Avenue in Rockridge.  We've been there twice, and have had a great experience both times.  Our best experience was sitting at the bar overlooking the small kitchen.  Watching the chefs at work was great fun.

We had the Lomo Saltado (a traditional beef stir-fry) and a fried chicken appetizer.  Plenty of food.  Excellent quality.  We watched the chefs prepare all sorts of dishes.  The Cebiches are a significant part of the menu at Pucquio.  We haven't tried any of their Cebiche offerings yet, but they look beautiful - particularly the Tiradito Clasico.

Among the deserts, we enjoyed the Bombitas de carretilla, which are fried sweet potato stuffed beignets.  We were left wanting more.

A fantastic, small restaurant in the heart of Rockridge.  Great atmosphere and staff.  Excellent food.    

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