Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

This year, it felt like Easter came so early!  The following traditions are ones we have been holding onto.

1.  We usually go to church on Easter.  My son loves the music and  Easter egg hunt after the service.  Last Sunday the children dyed the eggs and this week they were hid in the church.  He loved it!

2.  The Easter bunny comes and visits the house either the night before Easter or the night of Easter.  Though my son doesn't allow the Tooth Fairy to come in the house, he doesn't mind the Easter bunny visiting.

3.  We have an Easter egg hunt with friends, and in those eggs we put coins!  Even adults love this Easter egg hunt!

4.  We dye eggs!

5.  We visit the Easter bunny at the mall.

6.  We have an early dinner with family.

7,  Here's our Easter table/display:

Some new ideas for traditions we may want to start....

Go on the Easter Egg Express in Woodland, CA.  There was an Easter egg express on April 5th, at 2PM.  (

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