Sunday, March 22, 2015

John Muir House National Park, Martinez, CA- Amazing place to see!

The John Muir House in Martinez, CA is one of my favorite house tours in the east bay!  My favorite part of the house is the scribble room, where Muir did his amazing writings that changed the course of history for the lands of our beautiful national parks!

John Muir House
Martinez, CA

Louie Strentzel Muir through the eyes of her daughter, Helen

Stickeen by John Muir
(This story was written by John Muir and is my son's favorite, it is about Muir's adventures with a dog named Stickeen in Alaska.  Later, when he was a family man and farmer, he named his pet family dog, Stickeen.)
This book was dedicated to Helen, and was written in 1909.
Online version of the book, Stickeen

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