Saturday, February 7, 2015

USS Potomac - the Floating White House for FDR - Berthed at Jack London Square

We visited the USS Potomac on my son's recent birthday.  During the winter months on certain days, the ship has tours, then in the spring there are sailings available.  Lovingly restored after it fell into disrepair, the Potomac is an extraordinary museum.

FDR's stateroom:

FDR's bathtub:

The fantail:

The Presidential Seal on the fantail deck:

FDR's elevator, hidden in a faux smokestack:

Air vents:

Engine room:

Radio room with teletype:

Engine room:

Secret Service quarters:

Crew quarters:

The Potamac is located at Jack London Square in Oakland, CA.  There are school tours, private tours, and homeschool tours available.

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