Friday, March 7, 2014

My favorite Chai tea in Oakland, CA

My favorite Chai tea right now is at Highwire Cafe in Market Hall.  They serve Tipu's Chai Now brand, which tastes both sweet & spicy!  I also make it at home with the package they sell at the cafe.  Highwire Cafe is the only place I have found in Oakland that makes makes dairy free chai!  As I write, my son is playing with his new cash register and I am having a cup of this delicious chai!  I am trying to give up coffee for a little while to see if I feel better, it is hard as I love a cup of joe in the morning, but chai tea is a satisfying alternative.


Tipu's authentic indian chai
Tipu's chai now
Sweet & Spicy
(add water + milk)
46835 US Hwy 93
Polson, MT  59860
Certified Organic by CCOF

Can be purchased at Highwire Coffee Roasters
Market Hall
College avenue, near Rockridge Bart,
Oakland, CA

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