Saturday, February 9, 2013

Outdoor Furniture

Finding good patio furniture can sometimes be a challenge.  We actually found some great stuff at Ace Hardware in Concord, California.  We figure that outdoor furniture should be simple, easy to maintain, reasonably comfortable, and generally nice to look at.

Here's a photo of our bench-swing and one of our chairs that we got at Ace Hardware:

We bought an elephant-shaped outdoor umbrella holder (which weighs down the umbrella so it doesn't blow over) from Pier One Imports in Concord, CA.  We ended up having to chisel the elephant's ears in order to get him to fit under the table (he didn't seem to mind):

We found these wicker-like rocking chairs at an outdoor furniture store in Sonoma, California,  called Villa Terrazza:

I said "wicker-like" because the material is stronger than wicker.

Here's a view of the table, which we found at Ace Hardware in Concord (elephant underneath):

And here's a view with the umbrella, which (like the elephant stand) is from Pier One:

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