Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Recommended Realtor for the Rockridge district of Oakland, CA is Ron Kriss of Lawton Associates

I highly recommend Ron Kriss of Lawton Associates as a realtor for someone wanting to buy a home in the Rockridge area of Oakland, CA.  He is highly experienced as well as knowledgable about the area as he has lived in this wonderful area for years!

He was so kind when I accidentally parked in the Lawton Associates parking lot and it closed and my car got locked in.  My dog was actually in the car so when I called his office at Lawton Associates I was in tears!  He came from his home and opened the gate, and was super friendly!


Ron Kriss
Lawton Associates
3160 College Ave.
Ste. 201
Berkeley, CA
(510) 547-5970

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